The little program eapol_test can come in handy when trying to test RADIUS configurations. eapol_test is a part of wpa_supplicant.

Good information on the program can be found in the manpage, however the usage of the -N flag for attribute/value pairs deserves a few more words (and an example to remind myself in the future how to use it. Here is an example that includes sending Called-Station-Id of be-ef-be-ef-be-ef:ent-secure to with a shared key of ‘aruba123’.

./eapol_test -c wpasupplicantconfig.conf -N 30:s:be-ef-be-e9-be-ef:ent-secure -a -s aruba123

According to the man page, -N is for ‘attr spec’:

Send arbitrary attribute specific by attr_id:syntax:value, or attr_id alone. attr_id should be the numeric ID of the attribute, and syntax should be one of ‘s’ (string), ‘d’ (integer), or ‘x’ (octet string). The value is the attribute value to send. When attr_id is given alone, NULL is used as the attribute value. Multiple attributes can be specified by using the option several times.

So, in my example, I’m sending attribute ID of 30 (IETF Called-Station-Id), a string, with the value of be-ef-be-e9-be-ef:ent-secure.